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By Sandra Birungi

Pastor Ronnie Makabai of ETM International Church secretly married his Indian girlfriend in India to the surprise of his congregation which has been wondering why he has not been married so far.

Pastor Ronnie

Pastor Ronnie and wife.

 Pastor Ronnie said he did not know his wife but God showed her to him in a dream. He went on add that she was introduced to him by a person who knew him and the church he led in India and that was where they got married from. The two got married towards the end of last year.

Talking about why he took long to get married, Pastor Ronnie said he was waiting for the most beautiful woman to walk his way and who was also God-fearing. He said that he would not pick from the many women in his church because he did not believe in getting involved with the church flock he was mentoring.

Pastor Ronnie 1

Pastor Ronnie on his wedding day.

Due to the constant pressure from his church, Pastor Ronnie decided to get married but first, he fasted for two months, seeking God’s guidance on a marriage partner and in July 2012, he dreamed about his wife whom he later married. Asked why he married from outside the country, he noted that women nowadays, in Uganda, are sometimes sent to disrupt the ministry of powerful pastors. “Now that woman whom i got from abroad, where will my enemy find her to make her do wrong?” he asked.