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By Sandra Birungi

Pastor Wilson Bugembe released a song for his girlfriend and future wife, Tasha Nakibuuka entitled, Latina.

The song, produced by Rinex praises Tasha for who she is and details how the two met in the first place.

According to news reaching Ugandapicks, Bugembe and Tasha met during a fellowship. She is reportedly one of the singers at his church, Light The World, a church based in Nansana.

Pastor Bugembe

This is the first song that Pastor Bugembe has released that is not church or gospel based. A gospel singer, Pastor Bugembe started out his career with the song ‘Bibuzabuza’ in which he talked about his life growing up as a street kid with only one yellow shirt. The song was an instant hit due to its heartfelt lyrics; whenever he performed the song, he used to cry which touched the hearts of his fans.

Since the release of the song approximately six years ago, Pastor Bugembe has grown, not only in the music industry, but also as an individual. He has released more hit songs such as Kani, Biliba Bitya, among others. He recently finished his home in which his future wife will settle once he gets married; he also formed his own church in which he is the senior pastor.

Despite the accomplishments, Pastor Bugembe had never gone off the road, he had never released a song which praises anything else other than God. Latina has so far been received well by the public and is predicted to be a hit song in the days to come.