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By Juma Nsubuga

Uganda’s human rights body ,Foundation for Human Rights Initiative is opposed to the clause which requires mandatory testing and forced disclosure of results in the proposed HIV and AIDS Prevention and control bill 2010.

Officials from the human rights body led by the executive director ,Livingstone Ssewanyana were on Thursday giving their views on the bill which is before the HIV/AIDS committee at parliament for scrutiny.

Ssewanyana said  that mandatory testing of HIV/AID for all people will be a violation of their rights adding that people should be sensitized and encouraged to do voluntary testing rather than forcing them.

The MPs on this committee said that  the World Health Organization already  issued guide lines for health workers to test people seeking medical care from public facilities  of HIV with or without their consent, but sewanyana says the results should not be disclosed.

He also suggested for special treatment centers where prostitutes would go for HIV testing to know their status and get treatment.