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By Emmanuel Okwii

Farmers in Kwapa sub- county, Tororo district  are currently counting loses after the a heavy night down pour accompanied by hail storm destroyed their crops.

The 26 April heavy down pour affected  parishes of Kwapa, Asinge and Morukebu .

The area LC3 chairman Onyadi Francis who visited the affected parishes said the hail storms destroyed over fifty acres of cassava, maize, potatoes, beans and banana plantations and left a number of people homeless.

Mr Onyadi said that the rains also destroyed a semi permanent house belonging to a widow only identified as Ikapiyan in Asinge parish by blowing off the roof top with the walls of mud and  wattle collapsing.

“Because food crops have been destroyed, there is an eminent danger of famine. The newly constructed roads in the sub county have also been destroyed by the current continuous rains and the bridges linking Apokor in Mella Sub County to Asinge in Kwapa have also been washed away by the rains,”: said Mr Onyadi