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Pope Francis I the new Pope of the Catholic church could be the last  Catholic Pope .

According to the author who predicted the resignation  of Pope Benedict XVI ,the election of of  Jorge Mario Bergoglio  now Francis I as the  266th pope of the catholic church corresponds with a medivial prophesy that would make him the final pope before the end of times.

Ton Horn ,co author with Chris Putman of the book ,Petrus Romanus : The Final Pope is Here , told  WND  news agency  that Bergoglio’s selection was a fulfillment of the prophesy .

To confirm this ,the author notes that the New Pope is on Italian decent according to the prophesy on the last Pontiff or Pope .Jorge Mario Bergoglio  now Francis I is the son of Italian parents and a Jesuit.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio chose the name Francis after Francis of Assisi ,an Italian ,or Roman ,Priest whose original name was Francesco di Pietro (peter) di Bernadone ,literally ,’Peter the Roman’. The author says that this is still significant to the prophesy.

Pope Francis  I the Last  Pope

Pope Francis I,Could he be the Last Pope

The 16th Century prophet Nostradamus looked into the future, he described the fate of the final pope with eerie detail.He said that the first sign will soon be in our skies.The 266th pope now sits on the Throne of St Peter and according to the pen of several prophets, he will be the last.

One prophet, a Saint of the Catholic Church, counted down the popes until the end of the world. After Pope Francis there are no more on that list.

Nostradamus himself foresaw the end of a pope and the Church itself at a time when a great comet was to fill our skies. Comet Ison, said to be one of the brightest for centuries, will pass by later this year 2013.