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Kenyans  are  this week eagerly waiting for the Supreme Court’s  ruling on the election petition that was submitted by Cord challenging the election of President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta.

Daily Nation reports that six Supreme Court judges are  analysing the issues which were raised in the election petition against  Jubilee Coalition’s Uhuru Kenyatta.

In the ruling on the Election petition ,the judges could either dismiss the petition, order a re-count of the presidential votes, settle on a re-run, or rule that the whole process begins afresh with the registration of voters.

In a related development ,last week Uhuru Kenyatta warned  Prime Minister Raila Odinga to stop politicizing the election petition and wait for the verdict of the Supreme Court.

Uhuru who was at the port of Mombasa accompanied by his deputy William Ruto said statements by Raila and other Cord leaders were likely to incite Kenyans.
“Tell them to cool down. We don’t want incitement. There is a case in court right now and the best thing is for everyone to wait for its verdict. I will be among the millions of Kenyans watching the ruling on television,” said Uhuru.

On Monday in Mombasa, Raila claimed that he won the March 4 presidential elections with 5.7 million votes compared to Uhuru who got 4.7 million votes.

Raila_Odinga claims he won

Raila Odinga

Raila claimed the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission had been infiltrated and that his opponents know in their inner hearts that they lost. The PM held mini-roadside rallies in parts of Mombasa to tell his supporters to prepare for a re-run.