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Muammar Gaddafi’s  family members including his widow Safia, his daughter Aisha and sons Hannibal  and Mohamed  have left Algeria, its ambassador to Libya has said.

Ambassador Abdel-Hamid Bouzaher says the family left Algeria long time ago and their whereabouts are not known.

Aisha and Hannibal Gaddafi are wanted by Interpol following a request from the Libyan authorities.However ,the third child  Mohamed and his widow, Safia are not wanted.

Gaddafis Children leaves Algeria

Gaddafi’s children Aisha and sons Hannibal and Mohamed

Col Gaddafi’s four  relatives ran to  Algeria in 2011 after the rebels reached the Libyan capital Tripoli during the war that ended his 42-year rule.

Gaddafi’s son Saadi – fled to Niger after the war and he has been there ever since.

News of the departure of the Gaddafi family from Algeria first surfaced in Arab media in November, citing unnamed sources.

This is the first official confirmation by Algerian authorities,BBC reports