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By Sandra Birungi

The 66th Cannes Film Festival 2013 will begin with the filming of The Great Gatsby at its opening making it the second 3D movie to be shown at the festival.

The Great Gatsby 1

Leonardo Dicaprio in one of the movie scenes.

The festival scheduled to take place beginning May 15th to 26th will feature the 3D movie which stirs Leonardo DiCaprio. “For all those who worked on Gatsby, it is a great honor to be the opening of the Cannes Film Festival,” said the director in a press release. “I am very proud to return to a country and a festival that has always been generous with me, not only because my first film Strictly Ballroom was screened at the festival 21 years ago, but also because I am happy to see this film screened at Cannes, not far from Saint-RaphaĆ«l, where Scott Fitzgerald wrote one of the most poignant passages and most moving of his extraordinary novel. ”

Up there was the first 3D movie screened at the festival in 2009. Steven Spielberg is going to be the president of the jury this year at the festival.

The Great Gatsby