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By Martha Nakimuli

A witchdoctor  doctor in Nakaseke district blocked a family in Kyamulibwa village from burying their dead son after promising to resurrect him.

The boy was bitten by a snake while fishing in a river  in Kyamulibwa village on Tuesday.The snake bit him four times on the hand as he imagined that it was fish.He died shortly after and was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

The family blamed the doctors for killing their son because they removed the cloth they had put on his hand immediately after being bitten by the snake .

However ,the witchdoctor ,John Munyarwanda  gave them hope when he said that he was going to resurrect the child  in a few hours.

The mother of the deceased teen,Peter Mudooli was convinced that his son would resurrect since ,one Munyarwanda is reported to have raised several people to life after a few hours of their death.

By Press time on Tuesday,the family was still looking upon the resurrection of their son.

Hundreds of village dwellers  were  also seated outside the home  impatiently waiting for the miracle of their witchdoctor.