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By our reporter

Uganda is at a high risk of being most affected by climate change and climate variability which has begun manifesting itself through unpredictable and extreme weather condition such as drought, floods and land slides.

The food and Agriculture organization country representative in Uganda, Alhaji Jallow says that the national adaptation plan action indicates that Uganda has experienced several disasters since 1991-2000 compared to those which were experienced between 1971-1980.

Alhaji Jallow added that the complex nature of the simultaneous and protracted crisis requires a holistic approach to integrate disaster preparedness and mitigation to reduce the adverse effects.

Uganda landslide

A land slide in Eastern Uganda

AlhajiĀ  revealed this while presiding over the retreat for parliamentary forum on disaster risk reduction at Protea Hotel in Kampala where he stressed the need to strengthened community vigilanceĀ  in an effort to help countries to become more food secure and develop a sustainable food and Agricultural system.