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By Jumah Nsubuga

The Uganda communication commission will on the 1st March this year make a formal communication to the public about the extension of Sim-card registration.

Appearing before parliamentary committee on ICT, the Uganda communication commission executive director , Patrick Mwesigwa said that UCC in consultation with other stakeholders  like service providers, the ministry of ICT and the ministry of security agreed to the extension of the deadline of sim-card registration for the period of 90days for validation of Data collected.


Patrick Mwesigwe

Mr MwesigwA told MPs seating on the committee that of 16m Ugandans who have phones, 70% have already finished registering their Sim-cards.

He further told MPs that sim-card registration is not political; it is intended to help law enforcement agencies to identify the mobile phone Sim card owners and to track criminals who use phones for illegal activities.

Meanwhile Aruu county MP Odonga Otto together with Ayivu county MP Atiku Bernard have opposed the extension of Sim card registration saying that Ugandans should get serious with government programs. Hon Otto further recommended UCC to continue with its programs of switching off all phones of people who have deliberately refused to register.

“We need some kind of discipline in this country. Am with the view that we should cut off all phones that have not yet registered tomorrow at 6pm”Hon Otto noted