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By Jane Nambi

22-year-old Canadian tennis player, Rebecca Marino decided to quit her professional career as a tennis player after being bullied on-line.

Ranked as 38th in the world, Marino has a 150-107 record in her WTA career, with no wins. Marino announced this week her intention to quit playing over online abuse she was getting from “fans”.

rebecca_marinoMarino confirmed the news during a conference call. She admitted that for the past six years, she has been battling depression and all the negative energy from the social media outlets just pushed her into a darker place instead of improving her outlook on life.

‚ÄúSocial media has also taken its toll on me,” Marino said, saying that she would receive numerous tweets telling her to “go die” and “go burn in hell”.

She went on to add saying tennis wasn’t fun for her anymore. “After thinking long and hard, I do not have the passion or enjoyment to drive myself to the level I would like to be at in professional tennis,” she said. “I have previously been number 38 on the WTA singles rankings so I realize the amount of work and sacrifices that have to be put in and at this point I do not think it is worth sacrificing my happiness. I feel there is more to life than just tennis,” she added.