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By Sandra Birungi

Tanning mom, Patricia Krentcil of New Jersey is now a free woman after judges decided not to press charges.

Mrs. Krentcil became the subject of public ridicule after she was accused of taking her five-year old daughter into a tanning saloon. Considered dangerous, tanning saloons do not allow girls below 14 years of age and even then, they have to go with an acceptance form of sorts from their parents to the saloon before being allowed to go for a tan.

Tanning mom 1Krentcil was addicted to tanning up until her daughter, Anna went to school with a skin which looked burned. Upon being asked what had happened to her, she said her mom had taken her to the tanning saloon but Krentcil said her daughter had just been sun burned, nothing more.

On Tuesday, a grand jury declined to indict her on child endangerment charges. She had been arrested in April 2012. “We presented all the available evidence in the case to the grand jury,” said Assistant Essex County Prosecutor Gina Iosim. “The grand jurors voted not to indict Mrs. Krentcil. … We respect their decision,” he added.

Krentcil’s attorney Natalia Diaz said had she been convicted of the charge, she faced a 10 year prison term. “The case was just basically ridiculous,” Diaz said. “It’s almost like a witch hunt.”

“She no longer tans like that,” Diaz said.

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