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By Emmanuel Omona PaOkech

The Police in charge of crimes at the Gulu central police station has said that they are investigating the cause of  the sudden death of a 50 year old man.His death has been linked to other four  mysterious  deaths which have occurred in the district recently.

James Asubu  identified the  the fifth victi as Bosco Langoya Okello, a resident of Laroo division in Gulu Municipality.

Asubu said that Langoya is reported to have earlier during the day complained about some pain in his feet and his relatives took it for granted.

He has called on the local residents in Gulu to come to the police station and give any details they have regarding the death of Langoya.

Asubu notes that cases of sudden deaths are becoming very common and within this week alone, already four cases have been reported to his office.