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Thieves in South Africa are targeting people’s dreadlocks .They forcefully waylay people and cut the dreadlocks from their heads.

The shoulder-length dreadlocks are sold for between 200 rand ($23; £15) and 700 rand, while longer ones cost as much as 2,000 rand.

Dreadlocks can take several years to grow but many people do not want to wait and it is this need for instant long hair that is pushing the demand for ready locks in the black market, according to hairstylists.

The thieves are quick and sometimes ruthless and  use anything from a knife to broken glass to steal the prized hair – known on the streets as a cut and run,BBC reports



The hair thieves operate in Johannesburg  and in  the coastal town of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Stylists use a new method known here as crocheting – using a thin needle, they are able to convert relaxed and European hair into dreads by weaving additional human hair pieces into the straight hair – giving a client long-locked hair instantly.

Because this is a fairly new technique, stylists have not built up stockpiles of natural locks, competition is intense and whoever has the locks has the market.