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By Emmanuel Omona PaOkech

The Sim Card registration which is taking place country wide seems to be having a number of challenges.

A survey carried out by a Uganda Picks reporter in Gulu town and nearby areas  last week has found out that there are still a number of subscribers who still do not receive confirmation of the registration.

A lady registering Sim Cards in Layibi division who preferred to talk to Uganda Picks anonymously said that some of the subscribers have attacked them after failing to receive confirmation of registration.

Thomas Okello a subscriber in Kaunda ground said that 3 months after registering his Sim Card,  he still receives a message that he has not registered his Sim Card.

Okello said that it’s annoying to discover that he is still an unregistered user especially when he has been struggling to register his Sim Card.

Tobias Otim a resident of Bardege division received a message on his mobile phone thanking him for registering his Sim Card yet he has never registered his Sim Card.

Otim is left puzzled whether he should continue to register or not.

However, VG Somasekhar, the Airtel managing director, said that they only register subscribers whose details fully meet the stipulated criteria.


“Some people submit registration forms with missing photograph or identification cards and by law, we can’t register them.

We, however, ask them to provide the missing information or documents,” Mr Somasekhar said.

He also added that it takes between 8 to 10 days for a form submitted to an agent to reach the head office and have the information entered into the data base.

Justine Ntabgoba, the MTN Corporate Affairs manager, also said some registration forms take long to get to the head office and by the time of the query, the data is not yet uploaded on the database.