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By Mirembe Martina

Rapper, Kenny Clutch who was among the dead people after a shooting and fiery crash on Las Vegas Strip.

kenny-clutchThree people were reported dead and among them is Clutch. The crash left a wrecked Maserati, a burned-out taxi and four other vehicles. “First time in Vegas, and then, like, the whole thing, what you know from movies only — I was shocked,” Christine Gerstenberger, who was visiting the desert gambling mecca from Germany, said Thursday afternoon of the crash.

Kenneth Cherry Jr. aka Kenny Clutch’s attorney, Vicki Greco confirmed that his client was dead. Cherry¬† from Oakland, California lived in Las Vegas.

It all started around 4:20 a.m. with a dispute which saw someone in a black Range Rover Sport fire several shots at the Maserati as it headed north on Las Vegas Boulevard. The driver was hit but the Maserati continued into the intersection of the boulevard and Flamingo Road and collided with a taxi, which caught fire. The sports car’s driver, the cab driver and a passenger in the taxi all died; a passenger in the Maserati and three other people in the resulting pileup were hurt.