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A bar owner in Ireland has been prosecuted after police found dozens of “nuns” drinking illegally, several hours past closing time on his premises,BBC reports

Christy Walsh who owns and runs a  bar in Listowel, County Kerry, has been fined a total of 700 euros (£605) .He  helped to organise a charity event in the town last year , in which hundreds of people dressed up as nuns.

After  the pub’s  closing time, in the early hours of the following morning, police entered Mr Christy’s bar on two separate occasions, and found 51 ‘nuns’ on the premises.The officers first came in to the pub at about 01:45 BST, 45 minutes after closing time and found 30 people dressed as nuns.Their second visit was at about 04:10 BST, when they observed 21 ‘sisters’ still at the bar.

Nuns found with alcohol

The ‘nuns’ found buzzing,BBC Image

The Nunday event took place in Listowel on 30 June 2012, and set a new record for the “largest gathering of people dressed as nuns”.

In total, 1,436 adults made a holy show of themselves at a GAA sports ground in the town.