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By Sandra Birungi

According to David Greenhalgh, socialite and former lover of Bad Black, Meddie Sentongo has private bank accounts which amount up to sh2b.

Greenhalgh revealed the staggering figure as he sought to freeze all his properties and bank accounts. He is hoping he can recover part of the sh11b which Black and Meddie stole from him.

Meddie SentongoThe discovery was made by Greenhalgh through his lawyer, Patrick Furah. Furah believes the money and properties are part of the money which he stole from his company, Daveshan Development Ltd. However, Sentongo said he was not scared of Greenhalgh and he can bring on anything because he did not even steal from him in the first place. “Though I lost the first case I have never stolen money from David. I have never  stolen from his employee, company nor have I taken anything from his friend,” Meddie said.

Bad Black and Meddie were last year convicted of fraud and embezzlement. They were both sent to jail for four years and 18 months respectively. At the time, Black is out on bail although it is assumed she will not come back in the country; she is currently in Dubai where she had gone to get medical attention for her breast implants.

Meddie went on to add saying, “If he wants his money he has to look for Black with whom they owned the company. Let him forget about what is mine! I know their intention is to make me broke because every other day they fabricate cases against me. In Allah’s name I will guard what is mine because even after I was convicted I was not told to refund anything.”

David’s lawyer insists that Meddie will be sued together with Black because they stole the money together although the two, Black and Greenhalgh, are said to be dating again.