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By Sandra Birungi

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) council meetings have been suspended indefinitely after the last council meeting was held.

A last council meeting was held yesterday in which once again, council members did not attend. The council concluded there was no need to hold any more council meetings saying it was of no use to hold any more meetings because there was nothing going on in the meetings.


Kampala division chairman, Godfrey Nyakana.

The KCCA top leadership has failed to agree on how to handle the issues concerning Uganda’s capital, Kampala. They undermine each other’s authority and for the past two years, nothing quite useful has come to pass from them. The top leadership comprises of KCCA director, Jennifer Musisi and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

According to Kampala division chairman, Godfrey Nyakana, the meetings are no longer respected by a section of the KCCA and as a result, for the past two years, nothing has been done yet. He said one person seems to be running everything as he calls meetings, attends the meeting and concludes alone.

The lord mayor complained that he calls for meetings by the councilors do not attend the meetings. Mukono MP, Betty Nambooze called onto councilors to return the money given to them as salary since they do not do their jobs as they are supposed to do.

Recently, Kampala Woman MP, Nabila Nagayi called upon Musisi and Lukwago to resign if they cannot solve their issues.

The meetings have been suspended indefinitely.