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By Sandra Birungi

The judge is going to rule on whether to grant Oscar Pistorious bail or not today.

Pistorious is facing charges of murder after he shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. He claims he shot and killed his girlfriend mistakenly believing it was an intruder. However, prosecution states that the paralympic star shot and killed his girlfriend intentionally and should be convicted with murder and sent to jail. They also say he should not be granted bail.

Oscar PistoriousPistorious will appear at Pretoria Magistrate’s Court in South Africa to receive the judge’s final ruling.

Court started hearing Pistorious’ bail hearing this week

At this time, Pistorious, 29, is heading to court to receive his ruling.

The prosecutor’s case was slightly slumped when it was revealed that the lead detective in the case, Botha was facing seven counts of attempted murder. Botha was replaced by Lieutenant-General Vinesh Moonoo, one of South Africa’s top detectives.

The Blade Runner, Pistorious shot and killed Reeva on Valentines day, 14th February. During the court hearing, Oscar is said to have been crying in almost all sessions.