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By Emmanuel Omona PaOkech

Residents in Gulu Bus Park have gone without water for now 5 days after a bore hole -the only water source broke down over the week end.

The bore hole serves almost the 4 divisions in Gulu Municipality and travelers within Gulu Bus Park.

The residents are in a serious water crisis as some of them fetch water almost 2km meters away.

This is the first time the bore hole has broken down. Some of the residents who do not have money to buy water from  taps have  have found it rough.

Dorothy Ocili, a mother of 3 who has been fetching the water from the borehole for the last 15 years said that she has been crippled by the water crisis.

Okeny said that they need almost 300,000 shillings to repair the borehole adding that some of the spare parts may not be got from Gulu and they need to go to Kampala  them.