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By Emmanuel Omona Pa Okech

Catholics in Gulu town are puzzled with the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.Uganda Picks collected different views from many catholic believers ,and it  is generally still a shock.

James Okello, a catholic in Gulu town said it would weaken the catholic religion. “I think the catholic faith could be weakened” He said

Vatican Pope Resigns

Pope Benedict XVI

“I still  can not contain it ” Mary Nalubega, a Bananas trader said in disbelief after hearing the news of the Pope’s  resignation .

Nalubega said that she did not know that a Pope could resign since He was considered the most religious leader.

Godfrey Opio a second hand trader in Kakanyero Market in Gulu town  wondered why the Pope resigned since he has been working towards the same position all his life.

As the reign of the pope has long been held to last from election until death, papal resignation is an uncommon event; only five popes have resigned, all but one between the 11th and 15th centuries, with disputed claims of four previous popes having resigned between the 3rd and 11th centuries.

Pope Benedict IX, in 1045: At age 33 and about 10 years into his tumultuous term, the Rome-born pope resigned so that he could get married.

Pope Gregory VI, in 1046: The same man who had bribed and replaced his godson ended up leaving the office himself only a year later, according to Poole’s account. The trouble began when Benedict IX failed to secure the bride he’d resigned for, leading him to change his mind and return to the Vatican.

Pope Celestine V, in 1294: After only five months in office, He wrote, that he had resigned out of “the desire for humility, for a purer life, for a stainless conscience.

He became a loner, but two years later was dragged out of isolation by his successor, who locked him up in an Italian castle. Celestine died 10 months later.

Pope Gregory XII, in 1415: The elderly Venetian had held the office for 10 years, but he was not the only pope. For decades, the Western Schism had left Europe with two popes, one in Rome and one in the French city of Avignon, according to Britannica. The division’s causes were political rather than theological.

Gregory XII resigned so that there could be only a single leader of the Catholic Church.

Pope Benedict XVI, in 2013: Citing health reasons from old age, he announced in February that he will step down on Feb. 28.

His resignation comes 598 years after Pope Gregory XII, resigned in 1415.