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By Sandra Birungi

George Clooney’s look-alike is on a Pizza box and he is causing quite a stir on the internet.

A much younger and overly too cute George Clooney look-alike on a pizza box in Germany. We are not yet sure if it is Clooney photoshoped or rather just a much younger, cuter Clooney.

george clooneyBut, this is not the first time Clooney look-alike has been seen on a pizza box and the picture has been posted on Facebook before. “Are you kidding me?!!! I bought this same pizza box from a place in Val d’Isere, France (a skiing village) a couple of years ago and posted a photo to FB immediately. Thought it was the funniest thing ever,” wrote someone with the screen name NotFromRoundHere.

Another reader said he’d spotted the box two years ago in the Czech Republic “He does have a place in Italy,” one commenter noted. “‘…this checks out.”

george clooney look alike