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A dog gave a statement at West Midlands Police in Birmingham through a police officer it was assigned to make an arrest of the criminal.

The officer whose names have not been revealed  filled in a form in the guise police dog  called PC Peach.

The statement was written in response to a barrage of requests from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for an account from PC Peach on a matter where he assisted in the arrest , the Daily Mail reports.

The statement  stated  ‘I chase him. I bite him. Bad man. He tasty. Good boy. Good boy Peach.’

The statement added that the age of the witness ‘Dog Peach’  was four and  his number was PD4341.The signature of the dog was its paw.The Daily  Mail reported

Dog Gives Statement at Police 2

PC Peach Dog Gives statement at Police

The police officer who decided to reply as a joke is now under investigation following the popularity of the statement .

The form was pinned up at a West Midlands Police station last week for the amusement of colleagues, who are often at odds with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) over the handling of cases.

Another officer took a photo of the statement and it found its way to a ‘cop humour’ page on Facebook on Friday.The image later found its way on Twitter and has been shared more than 150 times.