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By Maureen Nakigozi

Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey commonly known as Goldie has been known for her singing, song writing and performing talent in Nigeria and all over Africa.

She hit Africa’s  screens when she decided to join the Big Brother Africa 7 Star Game and become so close to Prezzo also a Kenyan singer.

Goldie has lived quite a joyful life.

She got married to Andrew Harvey in 2005 though their marriage has been having ups and downs. Andrew Harvey has been living in Malaysia but with frequent visits to Nigeria.

Goldie has a daughter though she is not fathered by Andrew Harvey.

Goldie Harvey 17

Goldie Harvey Having Fun

goldie Young

The young Goldie Harvey

Goldie Young 1

Goldie Cutting Birthday cake

Goldie School

Goldie teen

Goldie during her teen times

Goldie Harvey 1

Goldie and Andrew Harvey on their Wedding Day


Goldie Harvey 2

Goldie and Harvey Taking Marriage Vows


Goldie Harvey 4

Goldie and her Inlaws during their Wedding Reception in 2005

Goldie Harvey 5


Goldie Harvey 6


Goldie Harvey 7


Goldie Harvey 8


Goldie Harvey 9


goldie with Husband


Goldie with inlaws


Goldie Harvey 10


Goldie Harvey 11



Goldie Harvey 12


Goldie Harvey 13


Goldie Harvey 14


goldie Harvey 15


Goldie Harvey 16


Goldie Harvey 18


Goldie 19


Goldie 20


Goldie 21


goldie 22


Goldie 23

Goldie and her Daughter

Goldie and her Daughter

Prezzo and Harvey

Goldie was on Thursday night announced dead but the cause of her death is not known though Many attribute it to Pulmonary Embolism. She died from Reddington Hospital where she was rushed after she collapsed soon after arriving in Lagos from US where she had gone to attend Grammy awards.

Her family has not communicated yet the date and time for her burial as they are still awaiting the arrival of her Husband