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By Sandra Birungi

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are set to release their first wine next month called Miraval.

Pitt’s publicist confirmed the development saying, “We are intimately involved and quite enthused over the wine project with our friends the Perrin family.”

The couple is joining hands with the Famille Perrin who owns Chateau Beaucastel. “Brad and Angelina are very friendly, nice people and down to earth,” Marc Perrin said. “They’re thinking long-term.” They are reportedly going to release a white wine at the end of the summer and red wines next year. Both families will share the profits equally, according to Perrin.

“If you knew Brad and Angelina, you would see they are in search of perfection in everything,” he added. “We also tasted a range of Provence rosés to understand what the neighbors were doing and to decide what we wanted. Organic is the only way to grow grapes,” Perrin stated.

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