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By Martha Nakimuli

Bad Black’s former lover ,David Greenhalgh wants to confiscate Meddie Sentongo’s property to recover his lost money .

This was revealed on Wednesday when Sentongo appeared before  Buganda Road Court  to answer the charges of threatening a court broker,the case which was pushed to March 13.

Besides that ,David Greenhalgh’s lawyer Patrick stated that he wants court to confiscate the property of Meddie because they believe it is part of the shs11 b which was stolen from Davashan Development limited.

Bad Black and David

Furah emphasised that they have discovered different accounts belonging to Meddie Sentongo with money amounting to  2 billion.They want  court to give an order where this money can be returned to David Greenhalgh.

However Meddie denied having any of Greenhalgh’s money on his accounts arguing that all the money and property he has in life is as a result of his own sweat.

Furah however added that He ,Sentongo was sued with Bad Black because they connived to steal David Greenhalgh’s  money.

In defence ,argued that he will not let any of his money go for paying the White man since the he  and Black were never even told to pay the lost money when they were sent to Luzira .