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By Andrew Segawa

I have been an Arsenal supporter, fan and lover for a very long time. I mean it- a very long time. I must have began supporting Arsenal before any of you started supporting  what ever team you support. Well, please do not think am so old, though at least am not young

I would really like to confess that i have been a long time fan of Arsene Wenger, By the way, i need to remind you that when Arsenal announced a new could called Arsene, i first though it was a joke. Arsene to coach Arsenal seemed to be a good combination. Good enough, the man did not disappoint me and other Arsenal supporters. His performance in the first year was really good which made him gain favor from many Arsenal fans.

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger

In just a year, he won the Premiership title, actually, it was a double. Yes, that was 1998.  I liked the was Wenger began building a great Arsenal team which sent waves of fear across to Old Trafford where an old man called Ferguson had nearly won an idol status.

It did not take long, my my friend,  i mean former friend, Mr Arsene introduced a breand of fantastic free flowing football which made all our enemies feel envy, that was a time when supporters of other teams wished they supported the gunners.  I still cant forget this, we finish the whole season unbeaten and had a fantastic run of 49 premiership games unbeaten.  Thank you Mr Wenger for those good times.

But now Mr Wenger, i do not know what went wrong with you from then upto today, you began failing to change with the times, as other teams where injecting in alot of money during the transfer market, you were busy saying that money does not win football, but a few years later we saw Chealsea and later Manchester City win trophies.

You then shifted to the youth project where you could buy young boys to be future gunners, but what surprised me is when you statred selling those players one by one. In the first place, you made a mistake of selling the star players like Gilberto, Henry, Kolo, Pirez, Viera and co. You then shifted to the policy of selling even the young players like Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Larson and co.

However, all that mess you were doing did not reach my nerves until you sold Robin vanPersie to Mad United, i mean Man United. How could you? What went over you? Who bewitched you?

Mr Arsenal, do not think i was happy when you sold RVP to Man United, you should have known that he would come back to score against you, or even worse, score the goal that would hand the trophy to our enemy. I do not need any explanation you since i have heard many fake explanations which you give. No matter what you might say, you still made a poor decision.

Mr Arsenal Wenger, please, let me ask you a favor… Can you please resign?