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By Emmanuel Omona PaOkech

A group of Amuru local leaders are said to have traveled to Kampala to meet the president over their land.

Among the local leaders are David Ocheng Openytoo, Michael Ochula the former Kilak County Member of Parliament and Patrick Manamoi- the Chairman LC I for Lakang village.

Their intention to meet the president according to Manamoi is to ask president to come and meet the local people who are settling in the 40,000 hectares of land which is currently in a dispute.

This is not the first time the Amuru residents are meeting the President over  their land. Last year in May, they also made a trip to state house where they accused the former RDC for Amuru-Milton Odongo for using forceful means of acquiring land in Amuru district.

Since then, the residents have opted to see the president himself saying he may listen to them better than other government leaders.

The residents who were mainly old women in their 40’s last year stripped themselves completely when they saw Milton Odongo –the former Amuru RDC walking in their land with Officials from Madhivani groups of Companies.

The residents  warned  Odongo  against any further attempts to sell their lands without their authority.

Cultural leaders within Amuru district urged Odongo to bring a goat for cleansing his bad luck [seeing their nakedness] unless he wanted to die.

It is unknown whether Odongo performed the sacrifice to cleanse himself but residents alleged that they found a strange goat at the spot where the women undressed for Odongo.

Amuru district land under dispute

A section of the Acholi Members of Parliament has also not been supporting the giveaway of the land as many of them claimed it was a customary land.

Gilbert Oulanya, the Kilak Member of Parliament while meeting journalists in Gulu last year threatened to fight for the land on behalf of the residents and encouraged the residents to stay calm.