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By Sandra Birungi

Michael Douglas’ son, Cameron Douglas has been severely beaten in prison after a New York City crime boss put a $100 bounty on his head.

Cameron is said to have been beaten in a Pennsylvania prison which saw him end up with a broken finger and a broken leg. The 34-year-old was beaten during the prison flag-football league season. It is said that the crime boss wanted him beaten up because he was a “rat”.

What saved him was because he dropped out of the league where he was targeted. The actor’s son blamed his injuries on a handball game, the source said, and a doctor’s aide reportedly misdiagnosed the break as a sprain at first. “You don’t break a femur playing handball,” the source said, adding later, “He’s still walking around on crutches two months later.”

Douglas was hit with a five-year sentence in 2010 after pleading guilty to charges of distributing crystal meth and possessing heroin. An additional 4½-year term was tacked onto that last December for having drugs smuggled into the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York on his behalf. Though serving time at a federal prison in Loretto, Pa., Douglas was in New York to testify against a former supplier.

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