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By Our Reporter

Luwero district has been declared Ebola Free .The Minister of Health ,Christine Ondoa  on Wednesday said that  the district had successfully undergone  the 42 days of surveillance without any new infection recorded.

Ondoa noted the ministry has decided to declare district by district free from Ebola  outbreaks since one  district is declared free of the disease and it breaks out in some other district .

Dr. Christine Ondoa  also decried poor funding of the sector which left the nurses who treated the patients of the epidemic unpaid even when they did commendable work.

The event  to declare Uganda’s Central district free of the deadly virus was organised at  Nyimbwa Health Centre Four in Luwero district and was attended by many district officials.The resident Representative of the World Health Organization pledged that the body will help Uganda prevent recurrence of the deadly diseases.

The declaration comes just  days after the ministry declared Kabale and Ibanda free of Marburg and Ebola.