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By Jane Nambi

She is beautiful and has a successful career as a musician. It is my bet every man would want to date her but as she once told Ellen DeGeneres, if there is one thing about love that she cannot do, it is how to make it last.

Since 2008, Taylor Swift has dated seven men and we are still counting. She has made money, fortune and fame from the men she has dated and below is the list of her boyfriends since 2008.

Joe Jonas; this was a super cool couple. It seemed as though the prince and princess had finally met. Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift made headlines and in very many ways, they looked they will never break up. They started dating in July 2008 and broke up after only four months into the relationship in October 2008. It inspired one of her songs, Forever and Always.

Taylor-Swift Boyfriends

Taylor Lautner’ every lover of the Twilight Saga has to remember this one. What with him looking handsome and growing up before our very own eyes. It was not long before the princess of dating came running to his strong hands. The two started dating in August 2009 and broke up three months later in November 2009. The two met on set of Valentine’s Day in her dressing room and hit it off.

John Mayer; if you love Swift, you know who he is, not with her song, Dear John. They started dating in November 2009 and ended the relationship in February 2010. It seems this relationship touched her very core because she did not date again till towards the end of the year in October and the victim was non other than Jake Gyllenhaal .

Jake Gyllenhaal and Swift dated for three months beginning October 2010 and breaking up December 2010. Although Swift did not say who the song was, many speculated that she wrote ‘We are never Getting Back Together’ to Jake, she denied the claims, of course.

And here comes Conor Kennedy; Kennedy and Swift made headlines after they were seen together but made their relationship official in July 2012 and broke up October 2012. The reason for the break up, long-distance issues, ouch, that must have hurt. According to sources, she really had a thing for Kennedy and even pretended she was dating Harry Styles, at the beginning, to make him jealous!

Harry Styles; the One Direction star and Swift first made us wonder and speculate if indeed they were dating when the two went out for a stroll and looked quite happy together. However, they made their relationship official but broke up only recently making Swift a little bit desperate for Styles to come back to her. Tabloids claimed she texted him asking to take her back, ouch!

There you have it, hopefully, this list will not get longer than this, or that when it does, she gets someone put a ring on her finger but then again, she is beautiful, successful and young, every man, would have a hard time dealing with all that success!