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By Jane Nambi

Identical twin sisters got married to identical twin brothers and the two couples are still very much in love.

Darlene and Diane Nettemeier went to a twins’ festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, where they met another set of twins but first, they met one, Mark Sanders who caught their eye. Sanders called his identical brother, Craig, down from their hotel room to meet the ‘neat’ blondes and that is how the whole love story unfolds.

identical coupleCraig and Diane got married and Mark and Darlene too got married. Today, they live in houses next door to each other in Texas, and have five children between them. Craig, 44, said that he felt an ‘instant attraction’ to just one of the blonde twins, Darlene, despite them looking the same.  “When I went downstairs I was instantly attracted to the one on the right. Diane was standing on the right and Darlene was standing on the left and I was instantly attracted to Diane,’ he said while appearing on the Jeff Probst show.

After meeting in 1998, the boys went to visit the girls at their home in St. Louis, Missouri, and took them on a double date to a baseball game. They hit it off that day, got engaged on the same day, and decided to share a wedding. “We had a double wedding and Darlene and I decided that we wanted to wear the same dress and then our dad walked us both down the aisle at the same time,” Diane said.

identical couple 1Diane and Craig went ahead and produced identical twin sons, 12-year-olds Colby and Brady in 2001 beating a million-to-one odds to do so.

Craig Sanders said they see themselves as “Just two normal families who happen to be close to one another.” Mark Sanders admitted identical twins marrying identical twins was ‘pretty unusual.’ “There aren’t that many of them that we are aware of in the United States, and when you throw in a third set of identical twins, that makes it even more unusual.”

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Identical sons.

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