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By Jane Nambi

Gen. Aronda Nyakairima,  the Chief of Defence Forces has been sued for the comments he made in regard to army takeover.

Gen. Aronda

Gen. Aronda, while responding to comments made by President Museveni in Kyankwasi during the NRM retreat about a possible takeover by the military said, “The message sent is very clear. It went to the right people who are supposed to take it seriously. The army is closely watching the unfolding political events in the country. We don’t want our country to be destabilized.” He went on to add “We fought for peace and stability of the nation; the trend of political events in the country will not be allowed. The possibility of taking over Parliament is real. We can’t allow the country to slip back into chaos. If they don’t change course army will be forced to intervene,” he said.

Because of the statements he made, Gen. Aronda has been dragged to court to answer to these claims. The petition was filed at Nakawa Magistrates Court and is based on an affidavit sworn by Luweero Woman MP Brenda Nabukenya, who wants Aronda charged with three counts of treason.

He faces charges of treason related to contriving a plot, by force of arms to overthrow the Government of Uganda as by law established contrary to Section 23(1)c of the Penal Code Act. The CDF is also accused of treason through intimidating and inciting the military against the institution of Parliament, contrary to Section 23(2)a. In addition, he is accused of inciting officers and men of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces to commit an act or acts of mutiny and treachery. He stands accused of having committed the said offences during a press conference at the Army Headquarters, Mbuya, on January 23.

Ms Nabukenya is being represented by Mr. Caleb Alaka of M/S Alaka & Company Advocates. Alaka said, “We think there was an act of treason committed by the Chief of Defence Forces,” said Mr Alaka last evening shortly after filing the case. “This is an elected government, you cannot as army commander talk of a taking-over even if the President has spoken. The President cannot overthrow himself but the army can.”

Ms Nabukenya said she was compelled to petition the court following an outcry from her constituents in Luweero.

“It is a fact that I have filed a case. You know I represent the people of Luweero, the area that suffered most under the war that brought this government to power, and my people have been complaining to me, saying they fear a return to conflict. Beside the feelings of the people, it is against the Constitution to talk of overtaking the government,” Ms Nabukenya said. “There was a need for someone to come out and account.”