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By Jane Nambi

The DRC opposition MP, Roger Lumbala joined the M23 rebels and is currently seeking asylum in the South African Embassy in Burundi as he is being hunted down by the DRC government.

Roger Lumbala, député de l'opposition Photo afriqueredaction.comLumbala was elected on the ticket of the Congolese Rally for National Democracy.  DRC government wants him to answer to charges of treason as he is being accused of aiding Rwanda support the rebellion in Eastern Congo. Spokesperson for the Congolese government, Lambert Mende said Lumbala had been trying to win asylum at the South African embassy in Bujumbura, the Burundian capital, and had evaded arrest by Burundian security forces whom Kinshasa had asked to detain him.

“We’re convinced he is in a group who are helping the Rwandans in North Kivu,” Mende said, referring to the province where the M23 rebels operate. Negotiations were underway to try to get Lumbala transferred to Kinshasa, Mende said, but there had been no response yet from South Africa.

The opposition has also accused President Joseph Kabila of The same alleged crime as Lumbala – of helping Rwanda back the rebellion in the east. “It’s practically impossible that (Kabila) will be indicted (for treason), but it could still cause him problems if he has to defend himself from these allegations,” said Philippe Biyoya, a professor of politics at Kinshasa University.