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By Sandra Birungi

Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Nambooze has given the Ministry of Transport 30 days to work on the bad roads in Mukono district or else risk protests in her municipality.

Kampala floods

The heavy rain down pour saw Kampala flooded.

Nambooze complained about the bad roads after the heavy rains in most parts of the country which saw roads worsen while other areas flooded. Wednesday, in most parts of Uganda saw heavy rains fall for over three hours non stop beginning in the morning hours to just after lunch. Most roads were flooded, in Kampala.

In Mukono, it started raining beginning 8:00am till just a few minutes to 3:00pm. Observers said some of the roads which were no-go areas included the access road to Mukono, Namanve which was said to be flooded. Nambooze said the rains do more harm than good and because of the rains, the roads have worsened.

She said if the ministry did not work in the said time, she will get the people she represents in Mukono and go on streets to protest the bad roads which have seen a decline in business, lead to road accidents, in addition to failure for students to go to school.

Betty Nambooze