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By Martha Nakimuli

John Ssebunya also known as Monkey Boy of Uganda  ‘ fled to the Ugandan  jungles where he was said to be taken care of by green African monkeys.He disappeared at  the age of three and was rescued as a fully grown up boy but with characteristics of monkeys.

The monkeys in the forest  fed and protected him, and always protected him from human beings.
In 1991 he was found hiding in a tree by a woman named Millie who was a local tribeswoman. After spotting him she went back to her village to alert the men who then went into the jungle to capture John.

Ugandan Monkey Boy John Ssebunya

He was full of injuries- mainly his knees from imitating how a monkey walks. He was then given to Paul and Molly Wasswa who ran an orphanage .John was  taught how to speak, and can now sing, too. He  later joined that celebrated Africa children’s choir .


  1. FRANKJ says:

    Your story leaves a lot more to know about the boy!! How can I get the full story?
    Thank you.