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By Mirembe Martina

Everyone saw the Willow Smith cut her hair, pierce her body and everyone was wondering, where is mother, Jada Pinkett and father, Will Smith.

Jada Pinkett Smith decided to lash out and confront all those who have been questioning her parenting skills and she took on a more public approach.

She wrote, “This is an old topic, but I’ve never fully expressed about it. And even with this message, the reply will not be complete,” wrote the mother of 41 years. “The question is why I LEFT Willow haircut. Firstly, I am against the word LEAVE. We live in a world where we are constantly reminded to women, girls, they have no control ‘themselves, that their body does not belong to them, they have no power or autonomy.

“I made a promise to always entrust my daughter to know that her body, her mind are SA competence,” she added. “Willow has cut hair because its beauty, its value, its importance is not measured by the length of his hair. It is also a message to say that even little girls have the RIGHT to be independent and they should not be slaves doubts, hopes and deepest desires of their mother.

“Even the girls should not be slaves to the misconceptions of society on the look should have a little girl,” she wrote. “I will return it. Another Day.”

Father, Will Smith once said letting his children know that they have a right over their bodies is one way of letting them take control of their lives and mommy is not so far behind. Well, Willow Smith, your parents have your back!