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Julio Iglesias Jr and model Charisse Verhaert Wedding ended privately on Saturday Nov.3.

Iglesias, Jr. married his fiancée of seven years, Belgian model Charisse Verhaert at the El Rincon estate outside Madrid, MSN entertainment reports.

Julio, 39 and Charisse, 30, were married in a small ceremony attended by his father, Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias, and his mother, socialite Isabel Preysler.

The wedding was off-limits to the media, and reporters could only watch from the edge of the highway as the cars of some guests arrived at the estate in Aldea del Fresno outside Madrid.

Charisse Verhaert arrived at 3:30 p.m. in a white Mercedes, while her bridegroom, Julio Iglesias Jr., showed up 40 minutes later in a green SUV.