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By John Kibirige

Judith Nabakooba

Judith Nabakooba

Police have launched active investigations into the mass mysterious killings of people across the country .In the  recent weeks ,several people have been killed from their homes at night by people who reportedly break into homes after spraying them with chloroform .

The mystery death have been recorded in districts of Wakiso ,Nakaseke and Mityana and Kakiri.

Police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba on Monday revealed that a special police unit has been set up to lead the investigations with police in these areas. The operations will be  headed by Joel Aguma who headed the defunct Rapid Response Unit.

In the investigations police is set to prove whether there are people actually sucking blood out of people inn the middle of the night .Resident say the unknown people  administer chloroform through ventilators of the victims’ houses and then dig up a hole in the wall to gain access to the house.

The victims are slaughtered in their sleep. The thugs  slit open the victims’ throats and tap blood, and sometimes cut out their organs especially the heart and tongue.It is believed that these people sell the blood together with these body organs.

Several suspects have been arrested in connection to the murders while residents have taken the law in their hands to kill whoever they suspect in the murders.Police has warned people against mob justice ,since  it may lead  to the death of innocent people .



  1. Bagatuuma says:

    These are the outcomes of s failed state. Uganda has become like Somalia where there is not even a smallest capacity to detect crime. The Only responsibility Police has is to Protect Besigye from getting out of His house and NOT to protect the Ugandan Victims of all filthy activities which include;, Murders, Evictions, Thuggery, Rapes, Drug Abuses etc. These have no meaning to the State.