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By Jane Nambi

After being convicted of slandering fellow pastor, Pastor Martin Sempa was convicted and given a punishment of doing 100 hours of community service.

However, instead of 100 hours, Pastor Sempa is going to do 200 hours. “I have always wanted to do community work so that i exercise the gospel of a good neighbor physically. I’m enjoying every minute of this. In fact instead of 100 hours, I’m going to extend my services to the needy people here for more 100 hours. That’s 200 hours,” Pastor Sempa said.

Pastor Sempa decided to do his community service at Mulago Referral Hospital.


  1. Okwii Richard says:

    it was abig mistake for him to accuse the innocent and the anointed man of God. Sincere he ashamed the body of Christ. so he deserved retribution