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By Juma Nsubuga

Members of parliament have started reacting to the Mercedes Benz S-600 president Yoweri Museveni used at the 50 years Golden jubilee celebrations.

Kitgum district woman MP Beatrice Anywar told reporters at parliament of Tuesday that it is  unfortunate for Museveni to use the  tax payer’s  money to buy  such an expensive  vehicle when Ugandans are battling with many problems.

“We cant fail to get money for health and get money to buy a vehicle for personal use.President Museveni is just selfish,greedy and being unfair to Ugandans. If the vehicle is for his retirement,he should take it” Anywar noted

However some NRM legislators defended the president’s acquisition saying he deserves it at all costs.

“President Museveni deserves that vehicle for his safety.He should use it because his safety is important.Mr Museveni needs that vehicle to make him comfortable when he is moving  to different places while doing the work of Ugandans” Said Lobwor county MP Ayepa Micheal (NRM)

President Museveni is the fourth  president across the world to drive a vehicle worth of 2billion.

Others include Good luck of Nigeria, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the president of Iran and Mauritius president Sir Anerood Jugnauth.



    When i recall the time in the 1980s-90s when m7 used to tell Ugandans to tighten their belts, to allow gov’t invest and enjoy in the future and, also a time when he discouraged those throwing parties that it was a waste of resources, I cant comprehend what he is doing to waste the tax-payers’ money when when there are no drugs and pple r dying in hospitals. What goes around comes around. If he is popular, why get concerned of his security?