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By Juma Nsubuga

Members of parliament belonging to the ruling party NRM have today attacked their boss president Yoweri Museveni for telling Ugandans to produce many children.

During the 50years Golden jubilee celebrations at Kololo, president Museveni told Ugandans to produce many children yet they are  still  peasants.

Mityana district MP Sylvia Namabidde  (NRM) noted that the population Uganda has is enough adding that there is no need of telling people to produce more children when they have failed to look after the ones they have.

“We should invest in the quality population not many people offered poor quality services .” Hon Namabidde noted

Kakuuto district MP Matthias Kasamba noted that Museveni wants to feel good that he has big population just for political intentions yet the structures  Uganda has can not support the number of people president Museveni wants.

“Mr Museveni is entitled to his opinion but he should first put in place structures which will take care of the population he wants. The schools are very poor, Hospitals are not equipped with Drugs but president is telling peasants to continue producing. The 34million people Uganda has is even too big compared to their income. There is even a lot of unemployment in the country” He said

Uganda has over 34million people but president Museveni is asking Ugandans to multiply the number saying that the country can not grow without people.