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Part of Port Mombasa

Mombasa and Dar-es-Salaam  are to be privatised .The move is intended to  enhance efficiency at the two ports which provide access to the sea to all the EAC member states and serves other neighbouring countries like South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),The New Times reports.

Mombasa Port which  is operated by Kenya Ports Authority  has always been criticised for the bureaucratic procedures and delays that hinder trade on the Northern Corridor.

Meanwhile Dar es Salaam port  face several challenges when it comes to handling  cargo .The problem of congestion of cargo at the Dar port, for example, is caused by inefficient equipment, poor transport infrastructure to move bulk cargo from the port fast and vice versa.

The recent tour of the two ports by EAC ministers further confirmed that more trade barriers were still hampering business at Mombasa and Dar es Salaam.

The move to privatize the two ports  was disclosed by the Secretary General of East African Community Dr Richard Sezibera .

By Martha Nakimuli