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By Emmanuel  Omona

Two of the  formerly abducted children who returned from Central African Republic in May have announced their plans to join the UPDF.

The children who are 15 and 17 years announced their desire to join the national army  during a meeting in Gulu this morning organized by stakeholders on the regional peace building and reconciliation .

They said that  they could not return home because of propaganda in the bush made by the LRA rebels about them when they return home.

Geoffrey Okello, one of them was arrested from Teso sub region in 2003 and could not decide to return home because he was not sure whether what was being said over the radios in Northern Uganda was true.

Patrick Ojok, was arrested in 2001 and escaped a few weeks ago urged the religious leaders and the Government of Uganda to insist on peace talks.

Ojok noted that there are many LRA rebels who listen to Radios while in Central African Republic adding that the reason why they cannot escape is because they do not know their faith once they escape home.

Ojok said that he would like to join the Uganda People’s Defense Force so that he can fight for the rest of the Children remaining in the bush.

Lt. Isaac Oware the 4th Division Army spokes person said that both Okello and Ojok returned in May this year.

Jolly Okot Andruvile, the regional Ambassador for the Invisible children said that they were committed in bringing peace in Northern Uganda.

Okot said that they needed consorted efforts from different organization so that the LRA war is ended.

Okot said that there were many children who are languishing in the bush who he said that need to be brought back home through consorted efforts.

Okot noted that many of the children who try to escape are being killed by the local tribes in the Central African Republic.

She said that over 450,000 people in the Central African Republic are displaced by the LRA rebels.


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