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Heidi Agan Kate Middleton's lookalike

Heidi Agan (left) Kate Middleton’s lookalike

Heidi Agan Kate Middleton’s  lookalike has quit her job as a waiter.People have all along been mistaking Heidi Agan for the Duchess of Cambridge though they never imagined that the royal could do such a job.

Agan, 32 has signed with an agency where she will be paid nearly $1,000 an appearance as a professional Middleton lookalike.

Agan quit her £6 an hour job at Frankie and Benny’s – the English equivalent of the Olive Garden – in February to earn more than 100 times her old pay.

“People would come in and point at me and say ‘that’s her’,” she told the tabloid. “I’ve had other people come up to me during jobs convinced I’m Kate.”

It’s not just customers who see the resemblance. Even Agan’s 3-year-old daughter has difficulty distinguishing Middleton from her mother.

“When my daughter sees her in a magazine she points and says ‘there you are mummy,’” Agan told The Mirror. “She’s turned into a right little royalist.”

Heidi Agan Kate Middleton's lookalike

Heidi Agan