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By Maureen Nakigozi

Chameleone has built  multimillion apartments for his wife Daniella Atim.

The apartments are located in Namboole and he has named them Daniella Villas.

They  are fully furnished and go for sh1.2 million per month as rent.

This clearly indicates that all seem to be going on smoothly for Chameleone despite of the media reports that he is having marital problems with his wife Daniella following nude photos which were published recently with Chameleone  holding a half naked girl identified as Doreen Kareeba.

Chameleone  has dismissed claims of conflict in his family despite the controversial pictures in the press .He recently posted on his facebook wall: ” after not being there at olympics 2012, time is running out@ Africa unplugged, the Nude girl saga, friends, i unveil out of Chameleone Investments  “Daniella Villas (Namboole), Neighbours wake up.”

Daniella Villas in Namboole


Daniella and Sons in Italy