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By Mirembe Martina

Sophia and the dead child, Martha.

A woman beat up her brother’s 11 month old child, Martha to death.

The woman, identified only as Sophia slapped the baby and ended up killing her. Angry residents almost lynched her but was rescued by police who arrested her.

Commonly referred to as Mama King, Sophia hails from Bweyogerere – Kazinga in Wakiso district.

According to Tracy Namubiru, daughter to Sophia said she had witnessed what her mother did to her sister. Neighbors of Sophia said that they had already informed the police about Sophia’s constant beating up of the child but their pleas were not taken into consideration.

“In this whole village, everyone knows that woman and the way she mistreats that child,” residents said.

Earlier on, it was said that the woman had actually beaten the child and tore her lips but did not bother to take her for treatment.

Sophia however denied the allegations saying that those who were talking ill of her were simply jealous of her. She defended her beating the children saying all she wanted to do was discipline the children, nothing more.

Head of investigations at Bweyogerere police station, Godes Tulinamasiko said the matter was being investigated further but Sophia was being charged with child mistreatment and a case file, number SD: 28/14/08/2012 was opened.


  1. OKWII RICHARD says:

    In fact she deserves life sentence

  2. Mashur Kurong says:

    That mercyless woman should at least get handed over to residents for a stone to death penality, or just burn her with tyres. May the young innocent one “Rest In Peace”.