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By Mirembe Martina

A 35-year-old woman decided to commit suicide alongside her 6 month old daughter after being disappointed by love.

Gonza Nanteza who lived in Lwamunnyo Island, Division B Entebbe Municipality found her husband cheating on her on their marital bed driving her insane.

“On finding her husband, she picked his shoes and threw them in the lake, which angered him and he started beating her up, the incident climaxing with the woman drowning herself,” Ms Abdul Lukenge, a neighbor and witness, said.

The witness went on to add that Natenza had threatened to do something bad for her husband, Emmanuel Byaruhanga, betraying her trust. He went on to add that his best friend decided to do the deed two weeks before.

“She once asked me if a baby can drown in the lake and I told her babies don’t drown but I didn’t read into what she was gearing at until the sudden occurrence,” Mr Lukenge said.

Mr Exepedito Sekanjako, another witness, said, “On Monday, she went around collecting money from whoever owed her, saying she doesn’t want to die and leave people with her money,” Mr Sekanjako said.

He went to explain that upon returning home at 8:00pm, Byaruhanga started asking where his wife was as she was missing but had left her phone back home.

Nanteza’s body was discovred after they looked for her in vain below a cliff at the lake shore. “We tied the body near the shore and mounted a hunt for the baby, whose body was recovered on Tuesday morning and called marine police to assess the bodies before taking them for burial. Byaruhanga, who had first run away from the island, returned shortly, eyes soaked in tears.

Mr Victor Ogwang, the marine head at Entebbe police said they are taking the body to Mulago hospital for postmortem before handing it over to the relatives. “If the postmortem shows the body was bruised, we will institute an investigation but if it confirms Nanteza died from the water after drowning, we will just hand it over to the relatives,” Mr Ogwang said.


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